Safety Protocols for COVID-19

WE are so happy to take care of our clients again! With that being said, I thought I would take a few moments to inform you on how we are working hard to protect you.

COVID-19 Updates (As of November 30, 2021)

Hi Bodiac friends and family!  The CDC is constantly changing guidelines and recommendations especially as we hear news of more variants and the back and forth changes on numbers. A majority of current clients have informed me of their vaccinations which have been received or have started the process.  This is great.  I would also offer that you should consider the booster shot as you become eligible.  We do not require the vaccinations for service and you do not have to show us your card when you do.  

If you are feeling sick then please don’t wait until the day of your appointment to cancel and definitely do not come to the spa and inform us that you are sick.  Notify us as soon as possible.  Home tests are pretty inexpensive and are really accurate.  I encourage you take one when you have any symptoms for your own peace of mind and for community safety.  

If you do come to our spa and demonstrate potential COVID symptoms staff will also ask you if you have been tested for COVID and you would be asked to show your test result so please take a picture on your mobile device and bring with you.  If you have not tested, you may be asked to leave if the staff member feels it is warranted.  Please respectfully comply as our staff members are only trying to keep the environment safe. 

Additionally, please notify us as soon as possible when you have tested positive for COVID.

Besides your appointment opening there are other considerations and decisions that we must contemplate.  We may need to take additional measures to keep current staff and clients safe especially if you have had a diagnosis that has occurred close to a recent appointment.  Some examples of additional measures are external COVID specific cleaning/disinfecting and fogging devices for the environment.  There may be shut-downs for timeframes in order for these measures to take place safely and effectively to remove any potential of the virus being present.   

We are asking that staff and clients wear masks in the common areas such as the lobby or our platform vibration room.  In the treatment room, you may remove them if you are vaccinated.  If not, than I do ask that you wear them unless you are receiving a procedure that requires the mask to be removed.  Again for your protection and for the protection of our staff you will be asked to comply by my staff.  Please honor their requests as they are only trying to keep the environment safe for all.  

Staff will be asked to wear masks and gloves.  If you see a staff member not wearing them then please feel free to respectfully ask them to do so.  You may also report this to our front desk or office manager.  Trust me, we want to know!  

Pete & Barbara Purdom