Safety Protocols for COVID-19

WE are so happy to take care of our clients again! With that being said, I thought I would take a few moments to inform you on how we are working hard to protect you.

COVID-19 Updates (2021)

As we enter into a new year 2021, I thought it was important to touch base on our continued updates and enhancements with COVID-19.

We continue to ask that all clients take their temperatures prior to scheduled appointment.  Any temperature above 100 then we would request that you call us and reschedule.  If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 then you should immediately have yourself tested to ensure your safety and the safety of others around you.

Your mask is to be worn prior to entering our spa.  The mask should remain on especially during general areas.  Certain procedures will require that your mask come off, but that would be inside the treatment room only.  In each treatment room, platform vibration room, consultation room, and lobby you will find sanitizer readily available.  We do try to keep disposable masks readily available in case you do forget your mask, however without a mask you would need to reschedule.

We also are reinforcing our sanitation and facilities cleaning.  Our treatment rooms are routinely deeply sanitized and cleaned as well as sanitized in between each and every client. We do maintain an air purifier with UVB for promotion of virus/bacterial elimination in every treatment room and in our lobby. 

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 you will need to be tested negative before your treatment could resume or you would need to wait 14 days without symptoms to reinstate services from the date you were exposed.  If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or live with someone who has it you will need to provide a negative test/physician clearance after a 14 day wait period to resume services. 

Our lobby is smaller.  We have maximized distance as much as we can in between seats.  We have staggered start times to help manage the number of people in our lobby simultaneously.  This means fewer people in close proximity to reduce unnecessary risks.  Additionally, in the event of multiple people in line for check out we do ask that you do keep distance between each other.  If waiting, have a seat further away until we have completed check out.  For a series of appointments, we will ask that you just provide us with preferred dates/times and we will follow up with you via cell/text/email to avoid an unnecessary wait for you as well as keeping our lobby to a minimum number of people.  At maximum number of bookings and staff we are under 10 people at any time in our facility.

We are also reinforcing that you do not bring guests who are not receiving a service.  Additionally, there are times when “couples” such as friends, spouses, etc. like to come in and receive a simultaneous treatment, however we will still follow our staggered start time process so we may not be able to comply with this same time appointment request and someone may be asked to wait in the car until closer to their appointment.

Employees are always required to wear a mask and to wear gloves during your treatment.  When not wearing their gloves, they are to sanitize/wash hands as they walk into a treatment room and as they exit a treatment room. 

Temperature checks and COVID screening questions will be asked before the start of your treatment.

I know this is a lot of information but we wanted to take this opportunity to refresh you of the continued and enhanced requirements into our New Year.  We take a lot of pride in taking care of you not only for the services you have purchased but also with your overall COVID safety during this pandemic.  We appreciate your willingness to follow these protocols and wish you a healthy and safe new year!


Pete & Barbara Purdom

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