Ultrasonic Cavitation – Do Your Research!

UC uses high frequency soundwaves to permanently "bust and liquify" fat sales that you currently have. Important to note that the power/frequency of your provider is important. At Bodiac Sculpting, we use 25kHz. The Ideal frequency for Cavitation is between (20kHz and 30kHz). Remember in soundwave world the lower the power....the stronger/more effective it is. Beware of knock off ultrasound machines used by many independents and non-medical providers that have a frequency of (40 to 60 kHz) because this is simply too weak and it cannot penetrate into the fat (adipose) or create enough disturbance in the cell to cause cavitation. If you see a technology to purchase or someone advertises a special be cautious and ask them their power/frequency in kHz. Specify the kHz because some will give you all kinds of different values. These providers will tell you things such as it is FDA approved - but the FDA has approved that retail can be sold between 40-60 KHz which is deemed safe for consumers and non-medical providers as it will limit risk/harm for those who are not untrained or have limited knowledge. Also for my aesthetician friends, beware of training programs that tell you they will provide…

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What is a Good Skincare Routine

You want to start a good skincare routine, but you are not sure where to begin. How many products will you need? Which are the best for your skin type? What is the best sequence to apply these products? And what exactly do those items do? What is a Good Skincare Routine To make the most of your daily skincare routine, one board-certified dermatologist says to follow these three simple steps: cleanse, treat, and moisturize. Cleansing and moisturizing are already familiar, but what does "treating" mean? Moving on, treating skin involves using creams or serums with vitamin C, alpha-hydroxy, retinol, and more. Adding treating between cleansing and moisturizing makes a significant difference in the skin's health, appearance, and aging. Steps for a Good Skincare Routine Cleanse The first step in any successful skincare routine is cleansing. Gentle face cleansers are the way to go, especially if you want to apply more active ingredients later. Tone Toner is an optional step. However, if you have a preferred toner, you should use it. It might help to balance the pH of your skin. Furthermore, if you have acne-prone skin, seek a toner designed explicitly for acne with chemicals like salicylic acid to…

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Which modality should I buy?

Often times, people will ask me which modality works best.  It's a great question in many ways, but the answer isn't always easy or a 1 and done solution.  The more you learn about the modalities we offer than the more you understand that anyone should consider a consult first.  Not just to understand your future state goals but also to see your current state and make an assessment of how much correction is needed.  Solving one issue and ignoring others will prevent you from obtaining the optimum success your looking to achieve. Ultrasonic Cavitation (UC) is the definite popular go to by plastic surgeons, practitioners, and designed for fat reduction.  This is going to permanently break up any fat cells you currently have, but remember you need lifestyle changes to keep from forming new fat gain.  However, with reasonable activity you can keep fat at bay for a year or more after UC sessions are completed.  I'll have clients who will incorporate some light maintenance such as scheduling a few sessions right before and/or after major "food" holidays but otherwise can continue to keep the fat away for quite some time before additional treatments are really needed. This procedure…

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Met A New Client Today.

-Barbara Purdom 3/25/2021- Yesterday, I met a new client and my heart just goes out to her. She was looking for fat reduction & body sculpting and had gone to a company ran by a medical aesthetician. With that said she spent thousands of dollars and just wasn't seeing any results. Low & behold, after some research she found the machine being used on her for treatment on sale at amazon.There could be many reasons that this could happen. However, as a consumer here is what you should look for.The power and frequency of the UC that was being used on her was 40k which is approved for retail by the FDA, but any specialized physician practitioner, plastic surgeon etc. will tell you it's only effective when it is between 20 kHz - 30 kHz. The FDA approves retail at 40kHz - which in soundwave world is less powerful. These are knock off machines that are too weak and cannot penetrate into the fat or create enough disturbance in the cell to cause cavitation. Do not be deceived by "FDA approved" machines at 40-60 kHz - FDA does not govern medical science - they only approve what can be sold to…

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