Ultrasonic Cavitation – Do Your Research!

UC uses high frequency soundwaves to permanently “bust and liquify” fat sales that you currently have. Important to note that the power/frequency of your provider is important. At Bodiac Sculpting, we use 25kHz.
The Ideal frequency for Cavitation is between (20kHz and 30kHz). Remember in soundwave world the lower the power….the stronger/more effective it is. Beware of knock off ultrasound machines used by many independents and non-medical providers that have a frequency of (40 to 60 kHz) because this is simply too weak and it cannot penetrate into the fat (adipose) or create enough disturbance in the cell to cause cavitation. If you see a technology to purchase or someone advertises a special be cautious and ask them their power/frequency in kHz. Specify the kHz because some will give you all kinds of different values.
These providers will tell you things such as it is FDA approved – but the FDA has approved that retail can be sold between 40-60 KHz which is deemed safe for consumers and non-medical providers as it will limit risk/harm for those who are not untrained or have limited knowledge.
Also for my aesthetician friends, beware of training programs that tell you they will provide you with a machine so you can start working on clients right away. Check that power/frequency. Do not be tricked into paying them for a “machine included” that will be ineffective and impact your brand and reputation. Unfortunately, the temptation is there as you cannot operate a class 2 level device, but also a class 1 is ineffective. You would be best to learn and certify on class 2 and work for a med spa, plastic surgeon or other provider where you will yield better results for your clients.
Take Care!