Which modality should I buy?

Often times, people will ask me which modality works best.  It’s a great question in many ways, but the answer isn’t always easy or a 1 and done solution.  The more you learn about the modalities we offer than the more you understand that anyone should consider a consult first.  Not just to understand your future state goals but also to see your current state and make an assessment of how much correction is needed.  Solving one issue and ignoring others will prevent you from obtaining the optimum success your looking to achieve.
Ultrasonic Cavitation (UC) is the definite popular go to by plastic surgeons, practitioners, and designed for fat reduction.  This is going to permanently break up any fat cells you currently have, but remember you need lifestyle changes to keep from forming new fat gain.  However, with reasonable activity you can keep fat at bay for a year or more after UC sessions are completed.  I’ll have clients who will incorporate some light maintenance such as scheduling a few sessions right before and/or after major “food” holidays but otherwise can continue to keep the fat away for quite some time before additional treatments are really needed. This procedure is common to also see utilized before, after, or instead of invasive liposuction surgery and we partner with numerous clients and their surgeons as a part of the process to maximize results.
If you have had some stubborn fat pockets or you have visceral fat – then chances are you’ll need iLypo Sculpt Lite to soften and shrink that fat pocket as UC alone will not be enough.  iLypo uses red light therapy which target and break down those fat pockets as these light waves penetrate layers.
Finally, be mindful if you have current loose or sagging skin.  Remember that fat loss can actually make this worsen.  Loosing fat quickly can trigger it even if you think your skin is firm currently.  Incorporating ThermaLift RF is the best way to prevent or even reverse your skin sag.  It will improve texture even when skin is “paper thin”.  Once again here is another procedure common to see utilized before, after, or instead of surgical procedures.  If you do have invasive procedures especially in your arms, glutes, and abdomen then you may want to speak to your surgeon regarding follow up procedures with ThermaLift RF.
Often times, it is not a question of which one should I buy, but more often than not we should ask ourselves what problem(s) am I trying to solve for.  The number of corrections will guide you into making a strong, wise, and healthy choice that is individualized for your situation.
Chat with you soon!!!